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  • Conservation Grants

  • Each year, a number of associated not-for-profit organizations solicit the Clark-Skamania Flyfishers (CSF) to join their ranks as a paying member, and for many years we have been doing just that. As a club, we value the common goals, ideas and information that we share with you, especially where they relate to conservation, preservation and species protection, which are important parts of our mission.

  • CSF has a long-standing principle to expend funds in a manner that will directly augment projects to enhance fish habitat or disseminate information that will increase field knowledge, thereby benefiting the future of wild fish stocks. To this end, wherever possible, Clark-Skamania Flyfishers will make our yearly memberships available on a reciprocal basis to not-for-profit organizations, including a subscription to The Broken Barb, at no cost.

  • This decision accomplishes two things: First, it enables us to focus on the real issues and direct our limited resources toward their highest and best use. Second, it creates an opportunity for other organizations to share information while preserving working capital. We sincerely hope that you will both understand and participate in this reciprocal membership arrangement. As you well know, there are many projects that need to be either started or completed that target our common goals.

  • Not-for-profit organizations in need of funds for conservation projects are welcome to apply for a grant through the annual CSF grant program. Applications are accepted throughout the year. For detailed information and an application, click on the links below.

  • CSF Grant Guidelines

  • Grant Application

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